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Same same but different

Waking up, meditation, exercise, working with some things on the computer, checking mails, Facebook, Insta, Whats app, cooking, reading, puzzles, maybe showering, checking mail, Face, Insta and Whats app again, cleaning, video conversations, picking my nose, Netflix, staying athome, Netflix, staying athome, Netflix, staying at home, staying at home, staying athome, staying athome, going to bed, reading, sleeping…

Next day; repeat

athome all days are the samme

Something is very wrong

You know that something is very wrong, when one of your absolute favorite things to do, is to take out the trash. Especially when you live on 4th floor with no elevator. Also, to go to the supermarket. And on the walk there, taking your time. Stopping at every red light, even if there are no cars in sight. That is a rare thing to do, especially here in Spain.

And oh what a wonderful day, again today… The sun is shining and it’s 22 degrees or even more. Let’s go to the beach, friends…. Ohh…. NOT!! So much NOT… So disappointed

I am in week four of the Corona virus quarantine here in Cádiz, in southern Spain. 16 days more to go and we can start being let out again. If everything goes right, which seems that it doesn’t. People ask me how things are in Spain, as we now have the record of infected people in Europe. I can tell you; the situation is NOT VERY GOOD! Less people get infected, which is good, but we have another problem here! Read on…

Flower in springtime athome
At least Spring is not cancelled

The situation in Spain

Did you know that the 20’ies are critical years?  

  • In 1720 there was the Plague.
  • In 1820 the Cholera
  • In 1920 the Spanish flu and now in
  • 2020 we have Corona virus

I have looked it up, and it’s true. How crazy is that.

Today’s numbers of corona virus victims in Spain are 158.273 infected, 16.081 dead, 55.668 cured and 86.524 are in waiting position and hopefully will be cures too. The numbers of new people infected pr. day are decreasing, which is positive, but THE NUMBER OF SELFFISH PEOPLE is increasing. I will explain.

I refuse to stay athome

Lockdown in Spain means that only the most necessary things are functioning. Supermarkets, shops like bakeries, fruit, meat and fish shops, health stores, pharmacies, animal food stores, veterinarians, doctors, tobacco and some few more, are open. The rest is CLOSED. You are only allowed to leave your house if you need to;

  • Buy food, and then you must go to the NEAREST store and you should buy a lot, so you only have to leave your house once a week. Only 1-person pr. family is allowed to go shopping.
  • Walk your dog, but only within 50 m. of your house and only for a short while.
  • Buy medicine.
  • Have to go to work, and only one that is important and allowed to do. There is a list of those jobs.

If you go by car, only two people are allowed and the 2nd person must sit in the back of the car, opposite to the driver. No biking, in case of accidents and you take up space in the emergency in the hospital (but you can still go by scooter or motorbike, that doesn’t make sense to me). If you have none of the above-mentioned reasons to be in the streets, the police have the right to fine you, and they will. They can even put you to jail, and they will. These rules are very clear. But not all the Spanish people care.

During the week, the highways were packed with Spanish people “going on Easter holiday” to their holiday home in another part of Spain. There were huge queues of cars and the police stopped each and every one of them to ask if they were legit to be there. 95% were not and they were sent home again, with a fine and a lot poorer.

The police are even going to people’s holiday homes and telling them to go home or jailing them (the neighbors tell on them). They also stop people in the queues in front of the supermarkets to check if that is the city where they live. One guy even rented of his dog on an hourly basis for walks. He was found through social media and the police went to his house to talk to him. Then he did it again and he was sent to jail.      

Now the president is talking about extending the quarantine until 11th of May because of this behavior and that more people are in risk of the infection. People just don’t give a rat’s arse, and it frustrates me. I miss going out, I miss my friends, nature, hiking, the sun, the beach, the wind in my hair, biking, walking in the city center of Cádiz (besides that, I am fine).

Fruteria Alegria
Frutería Alegria. Means: the fruitshop of happiness…. isn’t it lovely.
At least it makes me happy everytime I pass it.

How can they not care about that they can be carriers of the virus and infect other people? People that are in risk of dying. Or they don’t care about that we might have to stay at home even longer, because of their lack of solidarity. I thought that this was the time where we would finally stick together and beat this shit TOGETHER. Apparently not. My message is clear: #staythefuckathome.

stay athome
Stay at home and drink gin?
I can´t see how hanging up this poster was something absolutely necessary?

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