MY CÁDIZ – one year

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Today I have lived in Cádiz one year already…. I can’t believe how time has flown… and it’s such a cliché to say that, but that is how it always feels like, also now. I have lived here through all seasons, winter, spring, summer, autumn, new year’s, Christmas, the carnival and so on.

It’s been an absolutely amazing year, all of it. The simple things like the daily blue sky, the amazing sun, living right there by the beach/ocean front. The great people I have met, what I have achieved while integrating myself, like learning Spanish, opening a business, learning reflexology, about organic cultivation. But also, all the challenges, the tears that I have cried and the people I’ve met that was a challenge to me.

Because all the rest of it, all the amazing people I’ve met, all the friends I have made and all the things I have learned about myself, through all these challenges, has just made be grow so much. I feel so much in peace with myself, like I have never done before. I am just in the right place for me at this moment. It feels great. I feel very much alive.

The Cádiz-life has taught me to slow down and to enjoy life more. To take more breaks and just enjoy the moments and the sun. It has taught me to be more indulgent, patient and to just smile at things when they are a bit annoying.

I have met a lot of gaditanos (the local people from Cádiz) that have lived abroad and come back, even after 30 years, because now they want to live the tranquil life, and that is what you do here in Cádiz. As they say, “here there is no money, but there is tranquility and a quality of life that you can´t find anywhere else”. I agree. I feel what they say. Life is lived outside, on the streets, hanging out with friends and family, it is so nice to experience and also that it is possible because of the weather.’


My Cádiz

In this blogpost I want to share with you “my Cádiz”. The things and places that I like about this city. Also, where do I drink my coffee, go out, do yoga, dance salsa, eat, buy my groceries and all my favorite places.

I live in the new part of town and I absolutely love it. It is just quieter and somehow more Spanish to me. The old part has been inhabited continuously for more than 3000 years, whereas the new part was only started to be build in the 1950’ies. The old part of town is where people usually go to, and also the most interesting part, especially for the tourists, of course. But there are some really nice places here in the new part that I enjoy going to.


A lot of times when I need to do some work on my computer, I will go to a café, it is usually more efficient for me, not being around “other things that could be done”.

I like going to ‘El café de Ana’. It is a cute little café close to El Cortes Ingles, the big shopping mall. The café has an American style added to their interior and they have a lot of funny details, not necessarily pretty, but kitsch and funny. They make a lot of funny cakes and some Americanized eating gimmicks, that you can see on their Instagram page. Here you can also get avocado on your toast, yay, and they are open all day long until 21:00. It is a young café that has gone straight into the hearts of the locals, it is always full during the “coffee and cake hours” and I have only once seen other foreigners there.

MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year  MY CÁDIZ - one year

Another place in the new part of town that I like a lot is ‘La Regadera’. It is also bustling of life from the locals. It has a very lovely interior, a bit Nordic, I think. Maybe that is why I feel so at home there. They make the cakes themselves and they are really yummy. The staff is lovely, and they are open mornings until 13:30 and again in the afternoon from 17:30 to 21.

MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year

In the city center, the old town, I really like the café La Clandestina’. It is a bookstore and a café. It has nice corners to sit in, where you can disappear into whatever you are there for, whether it is drinking coffee with a friend or working on something.


I don’t go out so much but when I do, I like to go to ‘Circo Duende Arte + Bar’. It just opened this summer and is a very circus and art bar, as the name states. The place can’t really be explained in words, it’s a “come and see for yourself” place. But it is very chilled. The owner Ricardo is Italian, and he owns this place and its name very well. He and is employee are just very friendly and they make great cocktails. They also arrange; Open mike, flee markets, live music, small art/photo exhibitions and more, see on Instagram aswell as on Facebook. This is the new “go to” local place in town, and no wonder, because Cádiz town is for creative and artistic people.

MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year

‘Café de Levante’ is another favorite bar in Cádiz, also if you just want to drink a coffee. It’s a small and intimate bar where a lot of the artistic clientele of the city comes. Here they also throw some intimate concerts. The atmosphere is just really nice and friendly.

MY CÁDIZ - one year


At the moment I really enjoy going to the local market for lunch or dinner to eat a tapa or drink a glass of verdejo (a fancy word for a nice glass of white wine). But I joggle between all the restaurants where I can get some of that green stuff. You can read about them in my last blogpost here. My new favorite is the Indian restaurant mentioned in the post.


I do yoga and it took me a while to find “my yoga place”. I tried yoga at a yoga school, but I just found it way to expensive and then I just didn’t do anything more about it. But then a friend of mine invited me to a class another place. I was immediately sold. the place ‘Yoga Mixes’ is run by Nadine and Carolina, a young couple that absolutely love yoga and you can that feel it in their classes. They have the yoga spirit, the Indian touch, that I find important for me to be able to be present when doing yoga. I am very grateful to my friend for introducing me to this yoga heaven. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to book in advance, the room is small.


I love dancing salsa. But finding a place to dance and take salsa classes in Cádiz was not very easy, because you can’t really find it online and they don’t really do a lot to brand it. But there is one place that is a discotheque, called ‘Paseo Once’. Here there is salsa every Friday night from 23:30 (there is an entrance fee, but the ticket is a free pass for a drink) and sometimes also Saturdays and on special occasions. You can also take salsa classes here (also swing and tapdancing) but this information is very difficult to be find online, only when they post videos from the classes sometimes. But you can find them on Facebook and Instagram and contact them through that channel, if you want to take classes.

Another salsa place where you can take classes is at the ‘El Pelícano – MusiCafe’, that is a bar and music place. Classes are during the week and here you can also dance salsa for free every Sunday night from around 22:00. The salsa dancers are usually in the younger end, Erasmus students, and in Paseo Once a bit older audience. I have recently just started to take salsa classes again, this time as a leader on a beginner’s level. I take classes at the Pelícano, I find the teacher Elena very dynamic and fun. To sign up for classes, show up at the Pelícano and ask. They also don’t have info online. This is the very Cádiz way, from mouth to mouth. I found them by chance.

MY CÁDIZ - one year

Secondhand store

My favorite secondhand store is ‘El Baul de Carina’ in the new part of town. It is relatively big and filled with this and that, clothes and stuff. The owner Carina is lovely and is just the perfect kind of owner for a shop like this. She is very helpful with whatever you are looking for and always has time for a chat. There are some vintage shops in the city center, but this shop is my favorite because it is just a bit disorganized and reminds me of a flee market.

Buying organic food

My favorite play to shop organic food is at the ‘Bendito Alimentoshop. It is just such a beautiful shop. It is big and has so many things, fresh fruits and vegetables, bulk, vitamins, food, and the people working there are so nice and very helpful. If there is something they don’t have in the store, they are very willing to order it for you. I also wrote about the shop in this blogpost. 

My favorite things to do in Cádiz

My favorite beach in Cádiz is the Playa de la Victoria. It is so long and wide that there is space enough for everybody. The sand is gorgeous and clean, I just love it. Walking on this beach is something that gives me energy. And if you have all the time in the world, you can walk and walk and walk and the beach just almost never ends as it continues towards San Fernando and beyond that. The beach of the province of Cádiz goes all the way to Tarifa.

Watching the sunset is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and it just never tires me. Costa de la luz, the coast of light, runs from Huelva to Tarifa. There is a reason for that name. The lights from the sky are just so different here, so special. I’m not sure why, but I think it is because we are by the Atlantic sea, that there is no land close by and the waters just disappears into an eternity. Because of that it makes the sunsets extraordinary with pink and red colors, but not like anywhere else.

MY CÁDIZ - one year  MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year

I love to meet up with friends for a drink, and that drink continues to eating tapas and before you know it, it is midnight and you should really get home because you have to get up early the next day. I don’t get it how the Spanish people can do this all the time I was used to a 22:30 bedtime in Denmark, but not a chance here. That is where you sometimes meet up for dinner. Will I ever get used to that? At least I don’t have the FOMO but JOMO.

Biking around town, from home to here and there is just a great freedom and I just love that. During the last couple of years, the city has built a lot of new green biking lanes, and they are building more and more. It is just a flow to get from A to B and I can ride along the beach.

The province of Cádiz is filled with so many beautiful places and nature. Taking a trip out of town, doing a hike somewhere, discover new places, it just so joyful. I don’t need to travel to another country in order to have my batteries of joy and energy filled up. And going to the same place again and again is also a great thing.

MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year MY CÁDIZ - one year

Cádiz – one more year

I am definitely ready for another year and new adventures in Cádiz. New places to discover. And who knows if I will be here in Cádiz next year at this time. I will be where my heart leads me, for sure. But first I will go to Denmark for New Year’s Eve.

Have a happy new year everybody, see you next year.

MY CÁDIZ - one year

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