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….is something I think we like to say when we are waiting for something to happen and it’s just not happening. I used to say that a lot, to myself and others. But today I think it’s just half a truth…. Who spends their life doing nothing, just waiting, and then only good things happen? I would say nobody. But I don’t know everybody, so I can’t say if it is true. I can only speak for myself… And for me it is not the truth. Good things happen in my life, when I do something to make them happen. It is not always a specific thing I do, but merely that I make an effort to do things that really matters to me and that I do my very best. If I skip where the fence is lowest, well…. Then I didn’t do my best and that is what I will get.



At the moment, I am a bit overwhelmed by the things that happen in my life right now, because a lot of good things are happening, and they are happening almost at once….

It has not only been peachy and sunny for me to move to Spain. I had to put a lot of effort into finding my feet in a new country, physically and mentally. Several times I was without direction of where to go and what to do. I have felt alone and lost, only knowing that I was in the right country.

When I was living in Seville, I reached out for many things to happen. I was planting many seeds, looking for work, trying to make friendships and trying to create a daily life. It didn’t work out well for me. None of the seeds that I planted would grow. It was like the soil was not fertile, no matter what and how much I tried to add to it. There was no flow and the positive energy was slowly leaving my body. I then figured that I had to find another piece of land and start all over.

When moving to Cádiz, being surrounded by the sea, and being a sailor girl, it makes more sense to send ships out to sea instead of planting seeds. I really also really can’t brag about having green fingers, even though I would like to. So that is what I have been doing since I moved here, sending ships out to sea, and waiting for them to return.


Is this ship going anywhere? The picture is from Cádiz, taken in August last year by my friend Georgia who is the other lovely lady in the boat
Is this ship going anywhere? The picture is from Cádiz, taken in August last year by my friend Georgia, who is the other lovely lady in the boat


The ships I have send out are:

  • I have visited and contacted a lot of restaurants to ask for work as a waiter or bartender.
  • I sent out a lot of CV’s to different Spanish tourist companies in Cádiz area, to work as a tourist guide.
  • I have also sent out CV’s to English academies to work as an English teacher and I am looking for students for private lessons.
  • I have signed up as a volunteer at Red Cross, to work with refugees.
  • I have looked for places to do yoga and dance salsa

What has returned is that I now work part time in a Spanish restaurant by the beach. I get to work with the view to the beach and ocean, with great, mature and hardworking colleagues and a skilled boss who is also a bit of an original. I have also got a job as a tourist guide for a Spanish tour agency, just waiting for the first job. I think it will be mostly in German, which is a bit funny since I never thought that I would be using my German language working in Spain. I’m waiting to hear about a job interview with another tour agency. In fall I will start working as a tour manager for a Danish tour agency arranging trips in Andalusia in Spain, among other places. Maybe I will travel to some of their other destinations too. Red Cross has asked me to do a small course for the refugees about health and healthy food, which is something that really interests me and is something I want to teach about in the future. I found amazing yoga teachers that teaches the kind of yoga that speaks to me and my body. And places where I can dance salsa and meet new people. And along the way I meet lovely authentic people with big hearts, and friendships slowly emerge. I am very satisfied and happy about all of the lovely things that happens in my life. These are all things that give me joy and energy, and a feeling of being in flow.

The view from the restaurant where I work
The view from the restaurant where I work



So, this is what the sentence “Good things come to those who wait” means to me…. That after the investment, the hard work, I can take a break and wait for the planted seeds to germinate and enjoy the harvest. If I could also learn to enjoy the ride a little bit more, to relax and trust that things will happen if they are supposed to, then it would be perfect. But if there is nothing to practice, it would be too easy.


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