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I feel that I am living in a movie, in this Coronavirus crisis. I think it is a mix between ‘Groundhog Day’, ‘A Housemaid’s Tale’ and from next Monday also ‘Cast Away’. Because I feel that I relive the same day over and over again, only being able to go out when going to the supermarket where in some parts there is police in the streets. And soon I will be all alone in my flat (my roomie is going home to Germany Monday morning), for God knows how long. Then it will feel like that I am alone on a deserted island.

The situation with the Coronavirus is all very surrealistic to me. It is something that I have never imagined would ever happen in my life. When I, in the evenings, watch Netflix, I kind of escape the reality, and when I go to bed, I have forgotten everything about the fact that I am stuck in my own house.

But then when I wake up again, I am reminded about how my activities in life has been paused. How my freedom has been curtailed. That I cannot longer leave my house, unless it is really really necessary. And what is that? I have a lot of food at the moment. Is it to buy toilet paper? Oh, I wish I had a dog right now, for so many reasons.


I have to say that I find the whole situation about the Corana virus both scary and fascinating. Scary because the virus spreads so easily and fast all over the world. Scary how everything had closed and how fast it all went. How ghost town Cádiz has turned into. It is so quiet in my neighborhood.

That is very unusual because I live in Spain, and Spanish people have a reputation of being noisier than many other nations. It is also scary how some people don’t seem to take it seriously and think that the rules about not going into the streets don’t concern them.  People who think that only other people can get the virus or spread the virus. The people who only think about themselves, are scary.

What is fascinating, on the other hand, is what is happening and will happen to the people when they have to stay isolated, either alone or with their family, in their houses for two weeks, or more. The solidarity and humanity awake in people. People get together every day at 20:00 to give an applause to all the people working in the healthcare system.

On my day one in the quarantine my neighbor, friends from here and from Denmark wrote me to make sure I was okay. And I have received messages and calls every day since day one. People also become creative about how to go through this situation and how we can keep in contact (on balconies, talking on video) , how we can still have some fun in this tragic time (making song, playing music together from balconies), how to keep your business alive (offering online classes, videoconferences, how to cook) and a lot more. “We ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Coronavirus and a relaxed mind....
A relaxed mind….


I actually think that the world needs this time to stop and reflect. The earth, us humans, our systems, everything. After just one week in quarantine, the pollution in the world has already been minimized significantly. There has been reduced air pollution and carbon emissions all over the world. Significantly in China. Too many people on this planet and the way we live, is polluting our world. What we also see now is that the waters in the canals of Venice are clear and dolphins are swimming there again. I think we will see many other examples of how Mother Earth is recovering herself again, while we people are in “house arrest”.

I also see it as a great opportunity for us humans to use this time that the hamster wheel has stopped, to reflect upon our lives, in many ways. When you “take away” everything but the basics in life, like love and food, (and social media, hehe) you get to see if you really need the rest. Or was it just a need that the world of consumerism has created for you? We rarely have time to pause the hamster wheel. The wheels are just turning and turning.

Now we have to stop for a while. It is time to check the engine. How is it going? Do you love yourself? Are you loving your life? Do you live the life that you want to? Are you showing the people you love, that you love them? Are you surrounded with people you love and who love you? If not, what will you do about it? Are you happy with what you do? If not, what will you do about it? What kind of life do you want to live and with whom? How will you get there? Or whatever you want to reflect upon. But we are different. Not everybody will take this opportunity to reflect and act. Some will just relax and enjoy Netflix and social media for the next time. But I think that the ones who does it, are the ones that will come out even stronger after this, whenever it ends.

Our systems are also not ready for this. Our health systems, our economics, all the people who will be unemployed after this, everything. This will be a huge loss for many people, especially the ones who own a business. This is a huge distress for many people, and we cannot see the consequences of this yet. But for sure many people will suffer a big loss and I am very sorry for that. This is why we need to do something about the systems we have.

We don’t know if it will happen again someday. Probably yes. I am also one of those who will feel the consequences of this. This was the time where I was supposed to kick ass with my guide business and sell a lot of tours and show people the gems of Cádiz. But while we wait for this to pass, you can enjoy my website (here) and think about what tour you want to book, when you come to south of Spain one day. I am not sure what I will do, so I have started to look for other kinds of jobs, in the countryside with agriculture, online English teacher and social worker. If you have any other ideas, please let me know.


We as humans, like being in control of things in our lives. But what are we actually in control of, when it comes down to it? At the moment, with the Coronavirus, very little things. Then what can you do? When life somehow isn’t going as planned, I always resort to plan “making the most of it”. Being in quarantine requires to take that plan into action.

My “making the most of it” contains the following:

  1. Start practicing yoga at home. I have always wanted to have a home practice. But I have just been too lazy and I didn’t have that self-discipline. But now is the time and I have found great yoga videos on Youtube. Today was my day 4 with yoga. I already felt more energized after day.
  1. Being healthier – eating healthier. I could choose to comfort myself with all kinds of unhealthy snacks and all, and actually I have been doing that to some extent. I have allowed myself that the first week. But from the following Monday, I will start the Anthony William 28 days cleanse. It implies eating only fruits and vegetables, no fats, no alcohol, no gluten, no milk products or any animal products at all. Only pure fruits and vegetables. I will become so energized. Poor neighbors when I will be running around in my flat soon.
  1. Study for my exams. I am studying to get the official guide card here in Andalusia. I need to do two exams. One about how to be a good guide and the other about the tourist resources in Spain, like the monuments, art, different styles from different decades and so on. I had to study anyway, but now there are really no excuses.
  1. For a long time, I’ve wanted to out phase the use of shampoo, to do water only. Many people do this, don’t worry. What did we do before we had shampoo? For a year and a half, I have been using Rhassoul clay to wash my hair. Now it is a perfect time for going down the “water only” road. It’s only my roomie that is seeing my greasy hair. 1 week already. Poor guy.
  1. Puzzles – I loooooove doing puzzles. At least with 1000 pieces. It is a perfect meditation for me, and the world stops existing when I do puzzles. The only thing is that they don’t last very long because I just keep going until it’s done. One or two days.
Puzzles are the best meditation and I can think of
Puzzles are the best meditation and I can think of
  1. To run out of toilet paper. It seems that the biggest worry and fear among people is to run out of toilet paper during this time of the Coronavirus. If I run out and survive it, I will be set free of the biggest fear and worry. I still have 5 rolls left from paper I bought long before the lockdown.
  1. Learn how to use Windows Excell. I admit it, I have never learned it, and it would benefit me a lot, being organized when I will start receiving bookings on my tours. In the future. When the world can and wants to travel again.
  1. Clean up in mailbox, pictures and files on computer and Dropbox. It has gotten out of hands.
  1. Learning new gluten free bread recipes.
  1. To look for work wherever possible and needed.
  1. Reading books – fiction and non-fiction that interest me.
  1. To learn SEO – to position my website on Google
  1. Finding time to be bored
  1. Watching less Netflix so I have time to do number 13

And the list goes on.


The government has said 15 days in quaranteen during the Coronavirus. But to be honest, I think they will extend it at least until after Easter, and the Semana Santa, the catholic processions. They just don’t dare saying it to the people yet. People will go mad. We live in a very social country where everything happens outdoors and very socially. But of course, I don’t know, and I hope not. I am fine, for now.

The days up to the lockdown in Spain, I was filled up with being very social and with nature experiences. From Tuesday to Friday I was very lucky to be working as a guide for a Danish group in Cádiz. It was four full days from morning to evening. It was a great pleasure to be with them, showing them around and we had some great laughs.

Then Saturday, before the prime minister pronounced the lock down at 14:00 that same day, I went on a very long hike with some friends, the whole day. It was just what I needed. See some pictures below, so you can enjoy the beauty of my paradise here in the province of Cadiz.


I am not sure what the meaning is about this situation with the Coronavirus. Though I do think and hope that a lot of good will come out of this world crisis. I am of course sorry for the people who have lost their loved ones and the ones who will suffer a lot. But I mean overall. Crises always bring something good as well.

I hope we will appreciate more the little things in life. The things we take for granted like our freedom. I think it will bring us people closer to each other again. It will bring solidarity and humanity. Many people in the world have lived very individualistically and separated from each other in the hearts. I hope we will connect more in the hearts.

I think that with the internet and all its possibilities, will make the world even smaller and connect us even more worldwide. I also think that there will be more flexibility in how we work. The concept of a workplace, an office where you go to, will become less, and people will be able to work more from home or someplace else in the world. New concepts will arise. I think our systems will change.

I hope we will start being more conscious about how we live our lives and not just jump on the hamster wheel with our heads under our arms and with symptoms of stress all the time. I hope the chapter of consumerism will end and that the planet can breathe again. Together we can overcome this. This too shall pass.

Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts about what will come out of this crisis!

Life without love....
Life without love….
Cows on field
Cows on field
The hiking group
The hiking group
Bolonia beach
Bolonia beach
In the forrest, on the hike
In the forrest, on the hike
Beach hike
Beach hike
Stranded boat
Stranded boat
By the end of the day
By the end of the day
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