I have landed…. Well, I’ve landed in Spain seven months ago now, but today I also feel that I have landed mentally and with my soul. Finally! In Cádiz I feel that I am in that place where I want to create a daily life and where I want to contribute to the society with something. I want to settle in, get a job, make friends and network with the people I meet. Cádiz is the place for me to be right now. I say: “right now”, because I have learned that nothing is forever, everything can change from day to day. Me moving is Spain is a good example of that. So, for me, Cádiz is the place where I feel most alive right now.



I moved into a flat in the new part of town where I now live on my own. How amazing is that.

The view from my new living room. I can enjoy the sunrise every morning.

And on the 15th of February I finished a five-week English teacher training course. During those weeks, it felt like my life was on standby because of the intensity and compact content. The course was great and tough at the same time. Great because I loved the content, the lessons, the lessons that I taught, the students I taught and the teacher trainer group I was in. Tough because of the intensity and amount of time in school and on homework. But also, tough because, almost everywhere I go and everything I do in my life, there are gifts for me. Gifts as in development, professionally and personally. And there sure were many gifts for me in this course. Professionally, to learn how to be a teacher. The gifts on the personal development are still being digested and reflected on. I will get back to those in another blog post. But now I can call myself a teacher, an English teacher. I am still not sure if I will be teaching English though, but I will for sure teach at some point, because I have realised that I like it a lot. Just a few years ago I felt insecure and terrified when speaking to a group of people, but now it’s different and it feels a lot more natural to me. I love to experience how I develop all the time.

And now, when I have finished my course and feel ready to live my life in Cádiz, I left Cádiz yesterday for Denmark.… how ironic. The main reason for going right now is because of a job as tour guide at a Danish travel agency. They arrange tours to Andalusia in Spain among other places. I am going to a kick off meeting with other new tour guides and instructors. I will tell more, when I know more. But I am happy to be able to see friends and family and to come back to my roots for the week that I will be here. And also to be a visitor in Copenhagen, my favorite city in Denmark. I haven’t been back since July last year. It feels a bit weird to go back and I have been wondering why… I have come to the conclusion that it’s because now I really feel that I live in Spain. All other times being away and flying to Denmark, felt like going home. But this time it doesn’t. It feels like I’m only going visiting, which is what I am also doing. I am kind of surprised that I already feel like that, but it must be because I am in the right place for me.


An old air photo of Cádiz



Last week I took a rest and enjoyed Cádiz, its streets, beaches and cafes. At the end of the week I began my job hunt. I have now applied for jobs as an English teacher, tour guide and waitress/bartender. One travel agency has already replied my email with interest. Wish me luck. But I think there are good opportunities for me to work as a tour guide because I speak many languages. But also, because I think that the tourism will expand within the next years in Cádiz and the district of Cádiz. In January this year, Cádiz was mentioned in the New York Times, listed as number 50 out of 52 places to visit in the world. I completely understand why they think that, because Cádiz is really special. I can’t put a finger on why exactly, besides that it is very authentic, its atmosphere, its kind, happy and open-hearted people, its beaches, the creative vibe there is and the historic buildings. It’s a place that the inhabitants always come back to, if they went away for awhile. It’s a place that you can’t really look up online because it’s a mouth to mouth place. It’s a place that can’t be described but should be experienced. But on the other hand, I feel like being selfish and not sharing Cádiz with the rest of the world. Because we all know what happens to special places that are over run. They are in the risk of becoming less special. But even though tourists already have discovered Cádiz, it has not changed much, I was told by a gaditano (an inhabitant from Cádiz). It’s a city that says: “take me as I am, or leave, because I’m not changing for you”. I hope it will stay strong and keep its self-esteem, when the tourists come rolling in. But that said, I still think it’s a place worth visiting. I absolutely love it here.

Creativity in Cádiz
Seen in a shop window in the streets of Cádiz



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