About Me



About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is Alexandra, Im 38 years old and from Denmark.

In this blog I will write about my journey, in the most authentic way possible. It is a journey where I follow my heart and gut, not knowing where it will take me and I’m inviting you to join me. Of course my life’s a journey (like all of yours), and it started when I was born, or maybe even before that, but I see that there are different paths and journeys, in the journey of life. This is a new one and it started when I came home in myself, on a week-trip to Andalucia in Spain in february this year.

I can’t really say what made me come home in myself, just that I felt the landing very strong. I felt, and still feel, inner joy and happiness without anyone or anything making an influence on that. After the trip and when I came back to Copenhagen, where I live, I felt that I had to go back to Spain. Not just on a trip, but to move there, not knowing why or if I will come back to Denmark. I felt it very very strong and I can’t explain why, just that it felt so right and it still does. So that is what I will do.

Many times in my life, I have done things because of the norms in society or because my family or friends expected me to. Many times I also did what I felt was right for me but I have also done many things that didn’t felt right, because my ego was in control. On the same trip to Spain, I realised that I should live a life being true to what feels right in my heart and my gut (Im not sure if my intuition comes from my heart or gut so I’m writing both), and try to let go of my ego. So this is what I will do from now on and I will also practice letting go of the control of wanting to know, where life is taking me. I will trust that life wants what’s best for me, no matter where I go and what I do. And now I will go to Spain….. Take off 31st. of July!

I will write about my process from my trip to Spain in february, getting ready leaving for Spain in end of July and my journey there and until it doesn’t feel right writing this blog anymore. Wanting to write the blog in the first place, also comes from my intuition.

I hope that sharing my journey, on this blog, can inspire others to take themselves, and being true to themselves, more serious, in order to live a more fulfilling life. And if you are already doing that, then just enjoy the ride.



My mom is from Poland and my dad was Danish, and I have lived my whole life in Denmark. I love travelling and since I was 20, I have been in all continents of the world, except from the Antartics. I love meeting new people and exploring new countries and cultures. When travelling, I always prefer to meet and mix with the locals rather than with the tourists, because I want to know about the locals culture.

My interests are being in the nature, sailing sailboats, salsa dancing, doing yoga and meditation, my mental and physical health, eating very green and organic, cooking and exploring new recipies.

My professional background is working as a social worker, since 2008. In June 2018 I finished a two year Master in Social Work. I’m not sure yet, what I want to work with, I will see where life takes me.

I am a spiritual believer and I believe that there is something bigger than us in the universe. I believe in Karma and try to live being the best version of me, and treat people, animals and the world with respect, but in the same time being true to myself. I believe that we are here in this world to develop ourselves into being better human beings in alignment with the universe.

Welcome to my blog, I hope you will enjoy it.